Production Technique

The careful use of materials and the addition of precious materials such as avventurina, gold and silver allow for the creation of sophisticated jewellery items, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and individual beads, each one of which can be personalised. The workshop mainly uses the lampwork technique, which makes it possible to shape a glass rod by heating the glass until it softens, so that it can then be moulded.

The skilful S.U.V. craftsmen then add an endless range of nuances to the base colour by mixing different rods while hot and customising each individual piece with decorations created using extremely fine coloured vette (strands) fused to the base element, or by combining the base element with murrine, glass chips, gold or silver leaf.

The company selects its raw material suppliers with great care, so as to guarantee top-quality, traditional Italian craft products.

S.U.V. - Venetian Beads -
di Salvatore Sito e Antonella Rossi Snc
Cannaregio - Calle Priuli, 97/d - 30121 Venezia - T 041.715215 - F 041.721585
C.F. - P.IVA 02044860274

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